This project is read-only. mvc & NHibernate demo project - SAKS

This project is a demo project, developed with the ASP.NET MVC & NHibernate & Sql Server 2008. It's full name is "Scientific Achievement and Knowlodge sharing System", for short named "SAKS". SAKS is not created for commercial purpose, just a work as a test for my mvc study. Everyone who is interested in mvc or Nhibernate may find what you need in this project.

SAKS compose a message system and three main part: project management , scientific achievement and user page. With this project you will find

*how to combine ASP.NET MVC with NHibernate,
*how to use AutoMapper to map Model and View Model,
*how to combine ASP.NET MVC and Unity,
*how to utilize the full text search feature of sql server with Nhibernate's CreateSql API.

There is no guarentee all solutions above are the best approches. I only hope that this project can provide some usefull information for the mvc developer.

For any question, contect me via

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